New York Zip Codes

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Image of New York region on the map
Image of New York region on the map

New York on the map

New York, United States on the map (43.299428, -74.217933)

In order to send a parcel or letter to New York City through the mail, then you need to provide a New York City zip code. In this article, we will tell you about the state and what New York City zip code is.

New York: general information 

New York is the twenty-seventh largest among the other American states in terms of area. 
The state has an area of 141,300 km², and the largest cities in the state are New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse, and Albany. The state capital is Albany.

There are numerous landmarks: Manhattan Island, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Lincoln Center with famous theater «Metropolitan Opera», Rockefeller Center and other cultural places. 

The most important areas of the state’s economy are mining, agriculture, industry and tourism. Thus, we can conclude that the vast majority of adults in the country work in these areas or in those areas that are associated with them. 

New York: People

While New York City ranks twenty-seventh in size, the state ranks fourth in population. In 2020 the population of New York was more than 20 million 200 thousand people, more than 157,183 died. This state is also recognized by the huge number of celebrities born here, who have become famous not only in the United States, but also outside the states. Many of them you know: Lindsay Lohan, Woody Allen, Ben Stiller, Rosario Dawson and many other famous people. 

Zip Codes of New York City

New York City makes up approximately 0.56% of the total New York City area, and there are 214 zip codes for the city, which covers the following counties: Bronx County (Borough Bronx), Kings County ( Borough Brooklyn), New York County (Borough Manhattan), Queens County (Borough Queens), Richmond County (Borough Staten Island).

  1. New York
    The basic postal code for New York, and specifically for Manhattan, is the postal code 10001.
    Interesting fact: the code 10000 does not belong to the State and City of New York, nor does it belong to the country. This code belongs to the Czech Republic, the 10th district of Prague. All other codes from 10001 up to 10292 belong to New York City, the borough of Manhattan in particular.
  2. Kings County 
    As for Kings County, Brooklyn’s primary zip code in New York City is 11201. By sending mail with this zip code, it will be delivered to Brooklyn. If there is a specific zip code, take 11221 or 11206 for example, it is better to specify it. If you don’t know it then write either 10001 — NY main zip code or 11201 — Brooklyn zip code and your mail will be delivered to Kings County, and already the post office will redirect the letter or parcel to the right post office according to the address.
  3. Queens County.
    Queens County zip code in New York: 11101. This is the base index, there is a difference in the indexes depending on the part of the county. 
  4. Bronx County.
    The general zip code of Bronx County is considered code 10450. Sending to different parts of the county, you may need to specify other codes, such as 10451 to 11370 (26 zip codes total). 
    The situation is similar here, you can enter the main zip code and your message will be distributed upon arrival at the post office.
  5. Richmond County
    Richmond County has zip code 10301. Just like the other counties, you can directly specify the exact zip codes (from 10301 to 10314).

The zip code of a specific New York City address

If you have an address but don’t know the zip code, you can use Google Maps. To do this, put what address you know into the search. 

Then you will see the exact location of the house, and the address description will include the exact zip code of the address. 

That way you can find out the correct zip code for any address in New York, or you can double-check the correctness of the zip code you already have.

What are Zip Codes for?

They are needed to simplify and speed up mail sorting and generally to speed up delivery.

ZIP or Postal code data is an integral part of business operations. It is an important parameter for sending mail, detecting fraud, or researching demographic information.

The role of the postal code is to process data quickly and efficiently in the New York. Errors in postal codes can cause delays in data processing. Each digit in a ZIP code carries a meaning.