Zip Code 99664, Seward (AK)

United States

99664 zip postal code Seward AK (United States)
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On this page, you'll find information about Zip Code (Postal code, postcode) 99664, Seward, Alaska (United States). In the table with details, you'll see latitude, longitude, and other useful data. We collected this information from open sources. Scroll down to check 99664 Zip Code on the map.

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City City Type Zip Code Type
Seward Primary Standard
99664 Details
Country United States
State Alaska
Est. population 3718
Timezone Alaskan Standard Time (AKDT)
Area Codes [907]
Latitude 60.05
Longitude -149.33

City Types

Primary. Implies the principal name of the city. The official name of the city, albeit the city name can likewise have one more name characterized as ACCEPTABLE.

Acceptable. Implies a reasonable city name. As often as possible contracted city names will be recorded as unsuitable in light of the fact that shortenings are not an adequate city name design.

Not Acceptable. Implies that an unseemly city name was placed or gotten in view of the data entered.

Zip(Postcode) Types

PO Box. A numbered confine a mail center doled out to an individual or association, where letters for them are kept until called for.

Unique. Relegated to a business, government office, or element with adequate mail volume, in view of the typical everyday volume of letter-size mail got, accessibility of ZIP code numbers in the postal region, and money saving advantage examination of the postal help.

Standard. Default zip or postal code.

Military. A tactical location is a specific location related with an American Army, Air Force, or Navy establishment. Military mail is treated as homegrown mail by USPS.

Converted Decommissioned Zipcodes. Due to the high cost of maintaining zip codes that are no longer in use, the USPS has decided to decommission a number of them. This means that any mail sent to these zip codes will be returned to the sender.

Zip Code 99664, Seward (AK) on the map

This map shows the location of the 99664 zip code. The map is interactive, so you can zoom in or out, or move the map around to explore different areas. Zip postal code location shown on the map with a marker..

Zip Code 99664, Seward (AK), United States on the map (60.05, -149.33)

99664 Envelope Example

This is an illustration of envelope. Fill in the shipper's data at the upper left and the beneficiary data at the base right. The important data is source/beneficiary's complete name, road address, city, state and postal division. The beneficiary location data has been given for your reference. For the most part, If you are don't know of the full 9-digit postal division, you can fill in the 5-digit postal district to keep away from loss of bundle.

Envelope example for 99664 zip postal code Seward AK (United States)
Envelope example for 99664 zip postal code Seward AK (United States)

99664 Address Example

Here you can find an address example for 99664 zip (postal code) located in Seward Alaska, United States. It's better to use all capital letters so that the postal service will understand you better. Fill recipient's full name and address. The second line is always optional.

Recipient Full Name
Organization name (optional)
SEWARD AK, 99664

99664 Transcript and Components

Transcript for 99664 zip postal code Seward AK (United States)
Transcript for 99664 zip postal code Seward AK (United States)

Components of 99664 postcode

A five-digit ZIP code like 99664 can be used for everything from a small town to a large city. In the United States, zip codes are formatted as follows: The first digit(9) of the zip code indicates the region, with the second(9) and third(6) digits representing the district. The fourth(6) and fifth(4) digits represent the delivery area.

Here you'll find zip code example for Seward, Alaska (United States)

ZIP 99664
9 96 64
National Area
Sectional Center or Large City Delivery Area/Post Office

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